Our Products:- Transformers are manufactured in our modern plant, which is spread around 36,000 sq ft having the latest design and state-of-the-art technology. The manufacturing facility is equipped with latest equipments and machineries to produce highest quality of Transformers for domestic and international markets. The quality control is implemented not only for our manufacturing operations but also to the suppliers of our raw materials. Design & Development is a continuous process at Reliable Electric, which ensures the optimum use of new materials, consistent with all aspects of quality and reliability of the Transformer.
Our Products
Oil Cooled Transformers
Our range of Oil cooled transformers ranges from capacities of 15 KVA to over 2500 KVA and Voltage class of 11KV/22KV/33KV with first filling of oil as per I.S 335 and temperature rise as 50°C in Oil and 55°C in winding and suitable for outdoor execution. All the transformers are of ONAN type, naturally cooled, double wound, Core type and are manufactured with off circuit or On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) with Remote Tap Changer Cubicle panel (RTCC) and AVR. The transformers are painted with three coats of DA grey paint as per IS: 5/1978 and in general conform to I.S 2026/1977.
All the Transformers are provided with standard fittings as per the relevant standards. Optional fittings such as Oil and Winding Temperature Indicators, Buchholz Relay, Magnetic oil level gauge, Marshalling box, On load tap changer with Remote Tap Changer Cubicle with automatic Voltage Relay shall be provided as per the customers requirement.
Product Features
Ø CPRI (Central Power Research Institute) type-tested.

Ø Design conforms to I.S 2026. 

Ø Losses as per specifications.

Ø Designed for long life of trouble-free performance.

Ø Low Power Loss.

Ø Low Noise.

Ø Designed to withstand electrical impulses and thermal and
   dynamic stresses.

Ø Adhering to the Latest technology.

Ø Compact and Elegant looking.

Ø Maintenance-free.

Ø Low loss design specific to customer requirement.

Ø Cost Effective and High Reliability.

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We have a complete testing facility to test and check all the major raw-materials used in manufacturing the transformer. All raw materials used conform to I.S 2026. CRGO laminations of prime quality are used to achieve minimum magnetic flux distortion. To ensure the best quality of the Coils of the transformer, windings are also designed in-house, meeting the mechanical, thermal and electrical fundamental requirements. In-house Fabrication ensures the robustness, quality and fine finish of the tank and radiators of the transformers.
Ø Rating and Diagram plate.

Ø Lifting Lugs.

Ø Thermometer pocket.

Ø Air release hole with Plug.

Ø Oil conservator with Drain plug.

Ø  Oil Level Indicator.

Ø  Drain-cum-Bottom filter valve.

Ø Top-filter valve with plug.

Ø Silica gel breather.

Ø Cooling radiators.

Standard Features
Ø Marshalling Box.

Ø Oil Temperature Indicator.

Ø Winding Temperature Indicator.

Ø Magnetic Oil Gauge.

Ø Bucholtz Relay.

Ø On Load Tap Changer.

Ø  Remote Tap Changing Control (RTCC) Panel.

Ø RTCC Panel with A.V.R (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

Optional Accessories
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