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Dry type (Air Cooled) Transformers :
Dry type transformers have found increased applications in providing distribution of electrical power for indoor applications. They are used in preference to oil-filled transformers by virtue of reduced fire hazards. Increased concern over potential flammability and explosion hazards associated with oil-filled transformers is one of the key reasons for design of Dry type transformers.
Product Features
Ø Maintenance free performance.

Ø Design conforms to I.S 2026.

Ø Non inflammable.

Ø High reliability.

Ø High overload capacity.

Ø High short circuit strength.

Ø Low power loss and low noise.
Ø Low partial discharge

Ø Low operating costs

Ø Designed to withstand electric impulses, thermal and dynamic stress.

Our Products
Even though the initial cost of dry-type is high when compared to oil-filled transformers, the overall economy is comparable due to no retro-filling of oil and absence of regular maintenance.
Our range of manufacturing Dry Type Transformers which starts from 25 KVA are designed, manufactured and tested as per I.S 2026 and I.S 11171. Dry Type Transformers are varnish-impregnated transformers designed to withstand temperature rise of 90°C in winding with class-F insulation. These Transformers are used only for indoor installations where safety plays a vital role. They are provided with Off Circuit links on HV side with taps in steps of 2.5%. All the Transformers are tested according to routine tests as per I.S 2026 / 11171. Special Tests can also be conducted on special request.
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